Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I love loyalty points.

Today I needed coffee and butter. So after my doc appt'mnt to get some annoying moles removed...(too much information) I drove to Shoppers Drugs just to check on my points....and low and behold....I had $$$$ on my card. yayyy

So true to my budget minding boredom this week, I walked up to the checkout with coffee, butter (both on sale) and some chips and snacks and ....voila....only paid $.25 (still can't get the stupid cents things to work grrrr)

...AAAAnd I found some (4 cans) of wine coolers in the back of the fridge, so I don't need to restock my wine supply just yet.....

SO it's leftover pie for dinner with ceasar salad and making a big pot of spaghetti for tomorrow for the grandkids, because that's the only thing they will eat these days ( i will hide some shredded, skinned zuccini in it - learned the hard way about "what are those green things, baba")

Cause everybody KNOWS ---day old spaghetti is the BOMB....

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