Monday, January 13, 2014

Library Haul

Can't believe my haul from the library
I don't know where I'm going to find the time to read all these...or even to flip through them
I am going to have to remember to hit the "suspend" button after putting them on reserve so that I can actually get the books in a timely fashion...As in "not all at once"

I think I've has this one before...can't remember.  My daughter requested that I put it on reserve.  Prob cause she just started reading the blog maybe or else she spotted something on pinterest.  So I'll look through it again.

This one was on "best of 2013" list somewhere.  
October 1916
  I was dreaming of food.  Crisp baquettes, the flesh of the bread a virginal white, still steaming from the oven, and ripe cheese, its borders creeping toward the edge of the plate.  Grapes and plums, stacked high in bowls, dusky and fragrant, their scent filling the air.  i was about to reach out and take one, when my sister stopped me. "Get off", I murmured.  "I'm hungry"
"Sophie.  Wake up".

I'm kinda hungry too.  My dinner is in the oven as I peck away at this.  The stew smells wonderful.  Perfect for this crappy....snowing yet  Blizzard it could be said. There will be some major flooding come spring.  All the extremes in weather around here lately.....It's prob only going to get worse.  Didn't I hear, or read, or something that the atmosphere is reacting to crap put into it in the 80's....Soooooo it's frightening to think of what's to come.

This must have been on a "best of list" for 2013...or else the author has a series, and hopefully this is the first one.  I really don't know why I have this book.  

Waking is like rising from the dead.  The slow climb out of sleep, shapes appearing out of blackness, the alarm clock ringing like the last trump.  Rush flings out an arm and sends the alarm crashing to the floor, where it carries on ringing reproachfully.  Groaning, she levers herself upright and pulls up the bling.  Still dark, It's just not right, she tells herself, wincing as her feet rough the cold floorboards.  Neolithic man would have gone to sleep when the sun set and woken when it rose.  What makes us think this is the right way round?  Falling asleep on the sofa during Newsnight, then dragging herself upstairs to lie sleepless over an Inspector Rebus book, listen to the World Service on the radio, count Iron Age burial sites to make herself sleep and now this:  waking in the darkness felling like death.  It just wasn't right somehow. about over writing.  Sheesh...I don't know about this one.  

I've been looking forward to this one.   I worked in the container business...way...back...when.  This book has the subject matter that will probably piss me off.  

I got this one last week...and only just managed to get half way through it.  Instead I found countless books and authors to add to my already HUGE list of books to read.  I should get back to it before I becomes overdue

Another one that I don't know why was on the shelf with my name on it.  
But any cookbook is worth at least a looksee

I spotted this in the bookstore and ordered it at the library....Natch

I've been reading the blog off and on so thought I should read the book
I opened it randomly and came upon this

BBQ'd ginger ale pork ribs

Hmmm...don't know that I actually need a recipe for this but next time ribs make it home from the market this recipe might just be attempted.  Though Laura Calder's recipe for marmalade ribs will be hard to compete with.


This one sounded good.  I wonder how many other books she has already written.  Seems like it's an author to keep track of.  I always like a wierd story.

There is something in the northern Maine air that speaks of the first snowfall hours before it arrives.  This is the same knowledge that birds find in those minutes before the quake.  Snow has a way of talking, if you know how to listen.  Billy Thunder, who was from downstate and therefore an outsider, heard it first that autumn.

...Alittle wordy. I hope this isn't 1/3 overwritten and subject to skipping over.  I really hate books like that.

I've had this one for awhile must be close to being overdue.  I should read it soon.  I really hate paying fines

Another one I should have already at least opened.  Another one that I'll be paying fines on no doubt.

This is anooooother one that should be read first.  


Shit...yet another one has to be read pretty quickly before overdues set in


First one in a series I hope
Miss Jane Neal met her maker in the early morning mist of Thanksgiving Sunday.  It was pretty much a surprise all round.  Miss Neal's was not a natural death, unless of the belief everything happens as it's supposed to.  If so, for her seventy-six years Jane Neal had been walking toward this final moment when death met her in the brilliant maple woods on the verge of the village of Three Pines.  She'd fallen spread-eagled, as though making angels in the bright and brittle leaves

Another one set in Maine.
What's so special about Maine anyway? 

"Don't move, it's not safe!"
I heard someone yell, but it was too late.  The wooden planks of the dock sagged beneath me and then gave way.  Boards splintered, rotted lunber snapped, and I plunged ten feet into the frigid Maine ocean."

This one doesn't really look promising after flipping through it.  But we'll see

Think I should have taken this one back already.  Don't know why it's still here.  Mehhh

This is self explanitory.  

I've been waiting for another Fannie Flagg.  What's she been doing all this time anyway.

Looks like a fast read.   Maybe I should start with this one

I just know this one will piss me off.  I'm already angry and the food Industry.  No telling how mad I'll be after reading this


Lindsey said...

All of my request books inevitably come in at once too! I've used some great recipes from the Smitten Kitchen blog. I hope you enjoy the cookbook!

Cleopatra Loves Books said...

What a brilliant selection of books. I loved The Girl You Left Behind but you've included lots that I like the look of.

Anonymous said...

What a great selection of books! I loved The Girl You Left Behind I hope you enjoy it too. I do like the look of lots of the other books on your list too....