Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I finally got around to making some of that bacon toast.  Wow...what a revelation.  It`s all I can do to contain myself and not make more bacon that way to add the bread to greek salad.

From that book

So basically you line a sheetpan with parchment
arrange the slices on it
after the bacon has been turned over and almost done.....remove the bacon
line the parchment with slices of bread
arrange the almost cooked  bacon on top of the slices of bacon (do not drain any the the bacon grease)
then return sheetpan to oven and turn off the heat

After the meal in question is complete.....remove the bread slathered with bacon grease into (should be toast by now) a plastic bag and save for another day......tomorrow.  But I warn you will be thinking about it until you make the salad.

The Salad:

just your regular greek salad
romas seeded
cuc`s either peeled or or regular..seeded
red pepper chopped
purple onion chopped
greek olives
feta cheese  preferably the masadonian variety or goat or sheep
chopped avacado
dressing....olive oil, balsamic, reg vinegar, splash lea and perrins. good pesto, greek spice blend from club house .....shake it up

cut up the bacon toast and sprinkle over the salad
toss it up
pour dressing over...and toss again

Try not to start chomping on it before it even gets to the table.

Hopefuly the gluten free fanatics don`t take any.  And the g`kids won`t have any.  And the tomato hater at the table will definatly won`t take any.   SO ITS ALL YOURS...

You will be standing in front of the fridge at midnight.   it`s a given

Then for breakfast......

A little bit left for lunch with that first glass of wine.  

That`s it...your done.   Need to buy some more bacon ...and a loaf of really good bread.

Start over....

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