Monday, November 18, 2013

Estate Sale

I spent the weekend at an estate sale.  Why the weekend you ask?  Was it that big?  That good?  Why the whole weekend?


There's this particular company in the city that overprices on the first day.  Reduces prices 25% the second day and then 50% the third day.

The only saving grace is that it wasn't that far away and I happened to be driving by it for three days.

The first day....Friday.  I picked up one g'kid from kindergarten just before noon and by the time I drove by the sale signs it was after twelve.  The sale started at noon.  I just happened to have my husband with me also, I can't remember why he was in the van, but there he was.  I let him know ahead of time
"I'm stopping at an estate sale on the way home"
"WHAT...are you kidding me.  Are we going on a tour of the city cause it's probably on the other side, right?"
"No, it's on the way, we'll pass it before we get home"
"whine,,,,whine....whine....complain complain complain....Well I"l just stay in the car, cause I"m not walking miles to get to it (there was no parking close by)..."
Then as I was entering I spotted an empty parking spot right in front and called him on the cell to get his but over here and park.
So he took FOREVER to get to it, and then he decided that maybe "I"ll go in just to keep you from spending an arm and a leg from buying some old foggies junk that they don 't need cause they're dead...DEAD.  Your buying dead people stuff.:"  and he shook his head and climbed out of the van.

Meanwhile my 5 yr old g'son and I with my husband trailing entered.

And quickly seperated.  I did not want to hear him tell me what everything is worth.  He's a good one for knowing the price of everything, don't you know.

That was easy, cause it was three stories with a garage.

My husband didn't make it past the garage except to search me out for cash.
Cause he wouldn't leave the place without these super dooper industrial strength booster cables (that came with a fancy spancy leather less).  nor would he leave behind the battery charger...``do you know what these are worth brand new...I`m not leaving unless I can buy both of these.``  And he stood with his hands crossed.  God help me.  booster cables and battery charger.  Who buys that shit at an estate sale anyway....  My husband that`s who

Meanwhile my g`son was dragging a ``gund`` leopard around.  There must have been fifty stuffed animals sitting on this stand thing.  All almost brand new.  Now with all these g`kids in my life I know what a ``gund`` costs.  And he refused to leave without the leopard.   PLEEEEEEASE  BABA...I REALLY REALLY NEED IT. ...
So he had to pick one out for his sister too.  At $4 each.  What the heck.....

Meanwhile the stand they were thrown on is what interested me.  But the price was a little bit overpriced.

So I had to go back Friday for the mark down 25%.  I hummed and hawwed and then went upstairs to check out and hum and haw over all the cashmere sweaters of all colors and all designer labels.  They too were overpriced for what I wanted to do with them.

So I had to go back again the third day for 50% off day.

And finally grabbed the stand that no one else seemed to want.  Of coarse I had to turn it over and poke it and shake it....``Why did`t anyone else want it``
I consigned myself to thinking it might be a good deal.  And besides I was tired of all those cases from the wii all over the room on different tables, and shelves. So now this is called the ``wii stand``

..and it seems I`ve created a monster.  Cause now he expects to go to every estate sale I go to.  Grrr...that will be funnnnnnn----NOT

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