Monday, November 11, 2013

It's Monday...I'm reading

I was very happy to see
when I spotted it on the "new and noteable" shelf at the library I quickly grabbed the copy to put into my bag.  It did not disappoint - I spent Saturday with the book and a glass (okay a couple glasses) of wine.

I also picked up 

But I'm still waiting for the cheese shop to call with my order.  I really should give them a call before the book is overdue.  Looking forward to reading this one.

Heard about this one on TV, don't remember if it was on dateline or 20/20 or where exactly but ...
Looks like it should be interesting.

Haven't even cracked this one open yet but I noticed it at the bookstore and I always read Michael Smith's books

Then there's

I'm sure I"ve already read this one, but for some reason It was on my reserve shelf so I brought it home

maybe I'll flip through it and then it might come to me why I reserved it.  

I noticed "snacks" sitting on the shelf and since I dooooo love snacks and kinda live for them.  If I lived alone I would probably just snack all day long instead of sitting down to regular meals.  So it only seemed right that the book found it's way into my bag too.  And just flipping through it there were some interesting things.  Specially about the bread and toast and bacon thing.  That is something I definitely will be doing the next time I make bacon.  I've always made bacon on a sheetpan in the oven.  But never this particular way.  I can hardly wait to try the bacon bread salad.....I'm salivating just thinking about it.

This one looks promising...I'll actually maybe to remember to use my cast iron pan

and then there's 

will be making the

cauliflower bake with hazlenut crust crunch. Of course I would roast them before adding the sauce because why boil or steam when roasting tastes so superior.   doesn't the name just sound like the most wonderful thing?

Also on the reserve shelf with my name attached was

I think we will be spending much $$$ at the grocery store this coming week.  Cause I still also have 

there are so many yellow post it notes attached to this book that we will be buying it.  Everything tried has been a winner from this book.  I was even at Indigo on Sunday and forgot to check around for it.  I did manage to load up my quota for the never ending reserve list and even had to add to pinterest cause once again my reserve list is up to 50 max books.  

One of the current fav's (and gluten free cause we've been making it crustless) has been the carrot quinoa pie.  It's on the rotation weekly because it's wonderful the next day for lunches at work.  It never fails to get a recipe request.  You must add the full amount of the cayenne pepper.  Otherwise the flavor will not be as wonderful the next day as quinoa has a way of absorbing everything.  The last time feta cheese was added instead of the soft tofu.  There just is no way to screw this one up.  The pic is from the book on my cell phone so it's not the greatest quality.  But don't let that stop you.  Make it and you too will love this dish.  I'm thinking next time maybe roasted cauliflower might be good chopped up instead of carrots.  Or maybe half carrots half caultiflower.  Anyway we always look forward to this when it shows up usually on a wednesday. 

Almost forgot about

Its the best book I've read on the subject lately....and there's a great recipe for double chocolate cookies that actually works if Red Mill all-purpose baking gluten free flour and xantham gum is used.  REally surprised me.  I only made 1/2 the recipe and I used coconut oil instead of veg shortening. Didn't want to commit to the whole recipe in case it sucked.  Which is what all the other cookie recipes I've tries lately.  But this one worked.  I'm going to have to maybe get a better cocoa powder - the cookie was a little bitter. Or add something ....just don't know what at this time.  But overall....a good gluten free cookie.

and last but not least....

I prepared the Sloppy Joe recipe ---mostly because I didn't have any of those little packets that I usually use.  The results were a little tooooo ketchuppppy.  At least I thought so. But no one else mentioned it. I added a little glug of beef broth cause it just wasn't soupy enough for sloppy joes.  

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