Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's that means it's day 4 without any WINE....WHINE WHINEwhine!!!!

It's been 33yrs...probably close to almost the exact day...give or take
That I spotted the object of my affection

I remember the it was yesterday.

We were in the process of selling our house in the real estate boom of the 80's.  And we were going to make a nice little profit (3x's) what we paid for the place just 3 years before.  We were going to be moving from Vancouver area to southern interior of BC.  And a dumb idea that we build our own house (how hard could it be...after all we knew less than nothing about it). Our first born was just born that September.  By November the place sold and we were packed up and ready to go.

But my sewing maching of my dreams was waiting for the final sale to go through.  A wooping $900 at the time was hard to justify.  What with buying property and getting all our life put into storage.  A sewing maching seemed like the stupidest thing on earth to buy.  BUT I WANTED IT.  So I had to lie and lie someone to get it.  It sewed through EVERYTHING - the final test was the double double hem of the inside of a pair of jeans.  It seemed I was forever hemming my husbands pants.  Blue jeans were the worst.  I remember taking a pair of his jeans and hemming them in the store.  And didn't break any needles or jam the bobbin.  Pure heaven.

But it's time......
So I've been making a nuisance of myself at the sewing stores and trying machines out.  My's like I want to buy a sewing machine not a vehicle --- for all the difference in price it makes.  I want...I want...Iwant

But will I ever use any of that crap, more than once or twice.

So it's down to

Janome 3160 QDC


Husqvarna Tribute 140C

Janome comes with extention table, quilting walking foot.  and has many features I want....But is kinda narrow between needle and base of machine.  It will be a bitch for those quilts I have to get finished.  Will be alot of work to turn and pivot with the quilt bunched up... But the features are the selling point.  I mean how often will I have a huge quilt to get done anyway.  There's about 6 that I've been packing around for years now.  So Maybe ....this machine really isn't what I need after all hmmmm

The Husky in twice the money
if I want the extention table the quilting feet....
the janome ...comes with them

There's many bad review for both
There's many good reviews for both

I decided that If I really really want either one.  I'm going to have to justify it to myself and my annoying husband.  Who will probably be the first one to be standing in the doorway of my sewing room with yet another pair of pants to hem....

So ....I drank my last bottle of wine Sunday.

Normally I spend waaaaay to much on the stuff - monthly

So I've decided to stop drinking until the machine (whichever one I decide on) gets in the house.

It's been four days now.  That's not tooooo bad cause at first I thought it was only 3 days.  But who's counting anyway.   I wonder if anyone has noticed yet...

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