Monday, October 01, 2012


I decided a couple days ago to shut facebook down for a month starting October 1st.
It's probably going to be harder than that month I quit drinking wine. (Just to make sure that I wasn't an alcoholic...and the only thing I discovered was that my colesteral level went up that it's back on the bottle since).

There's too much advertising lately, I don't know what happened to it...maybe it's the "facebook has to show profit" crap.  After all, all those facebookers that have all been paid in shares over the years can sell their shares in November I believe. If I've read the business section correctly (and I really don't do that very often) , so the advertising seems to have been ratcheted up.  And some people post stupid crap, me included. So I'm giving it a rest and actually talking to people for the month, well maybe more texting will be done, but I'm going to give actually "talking" a try.

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