Saturday, October 13, 2012

Waiting for the next season

Sooo long...Sad to see you go
Too Bad I don't have a bigger composter. Its a shame, but it's going in the dumpster out back. Horrors!!! But there it is.
I spent the day cleaning up the back yard...such as it is for a back yard - in this complex. But I gotta say the kiddy pool of the g'kids came in handy to drag through the garage, then into the dumpster. I have to dig up a couple things seeing as how I will probably be somewhere else next summer.  My daughter has been given the task of finding a 4 bdrm with a 2bdrm walk out basement somewhere in the city. Hopefully with a wish list to give any real estate agent nightmares.  Currently she's paying waaaay to much for daycare for one kid full time and 1 in kindergarten before and after school care.  Her daycare is a mortgage payment. So we have agreed to live together and give up our lives for 2 yrs max for both to be out of daycare and kindergarten.
Wish List
must have......
4 bdrm (will settle for 3 upstairs + playroom or family room upstairs)
2 bdrm dwm with bar or potentional for 2nd kitchen reno and walkin closet or plotential for at least one)
walk in pantry
walk out basement (will not settle, must have someplace for bamboo hanging chair)
outdooor bbg area
two ovens (wouldn't that be ultimate, 2 ovens up and one down yay), could be asking too much...
open plan so things could be moved around for large family dinners with addition of collapsable tables
2+car garage and street parking for guests
access to back yard with either lane or bike bath
either large enough back yard for climbing swing thing, tramp, play house, garden....bonus if already included
should be in neighborhood with walk-ability to shops, library, hardware store, pharmacy with canada post, tim hortons, (( have these now, and will really really miss them), bike paths. (I love my neighborhood), rec center etc. Good selection of take-out would be nice (lazy). Did I mention I love my neighborhood, I can walk to any service or shop. It's all right here. costco and walmart are both just a short drive like 10 min away. I'm so spoiled. It's like I live in a small town---in the big-bad-city. And I'm 10 min away from the airport. Most of the neighborhood works for one airline or another or the airport. I actually got some nice pic's of kate and will leaving the royal tour, coarse I had to zoom it in, but still.... And I never hear the planes. Just miss the flight path. i see them, but I rarely actually hear them.  I hope she finds someplace in my neighborhood. Would't that be great?
Gas fireplace...or two
walking distance to primary school, cause I really hate driving if I don't have to.
Close to transit would be good, cause i hate to pay for parking downtown, would so much rather take the train

I don't know....this might be asking too much
...My husband - would prob think he's died and gone to heaven if he could buy a golf cart to park somewhere on the drive his clubs around.....maybe even to play a round once-in-awhile.

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