Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's a snow day

....what happened to Fall, all this snow, and it's not even Halloweens yet. Grrr

I could definitely do without this.  Just because we had a wonderful summer for a change, doesn't mean we have to start winter so early. I still have flowers in the planters...that are all probably dead now, thanks for that!
But the good news..if there is any. I can wear my really big over the top (over the knee) boots now. I've missed my skinny jeans that i wore with the boots.  AND THEY STILL FIT. That alone is good news.
My husband even polished and shined them up yesterday.  That's probably why it snowed today.  I think he gets off on the smell of shoe polish.  Polishing shoes, ironing, cleaning the kitchen counter and cleaning bathrooms. Oh and the car always looks better after he's cleaned it.  That's his specialty.  I don't know how he does it, the cleaning the counter thing.  After I clean, it never looks like his cleaning.  I really love coming home to a clean kitchen counter.  I usually leave the house ...well it's not nice....
...must be the virgo in him
...my son shares the same birthday as my husband and he only grew into his virgonous after he had kids. Cause he liked living in a clean house, but didn't ever participate in getting it in that shape.  It's amusing to see the son shining up his hard wood floors after the kids have ridden the ride-it toys all over it. And his counters look just like mine. My son freaks out during the whole evening whenever he has a large group of guests over for family dinners.  Specially if there are many toddlers and kids there too.  I really enjoy it...serves him right as far as I'm concerned. If something lands on the floor I can just see the steam come out of his ears and the look that his head is going to blow-up.  HAHAHA it's fun, I live for it. Xmas's at his house with about 30+ people is a nightmare for him.

Well i've been off Facebook since September 26th or so...and you know....I didn't think I could do it. Well I've actually gone on it, ....just to see the pic's the family has posted. So that I can copy them over to my "send to wal-mart" to print a picture file. But i haven't posted ANYTHING,.... NOTHING.  And I think I'm better for it, really.

I was wasting all day yesterday reading a bunch of blogs I keep track of and I came up on a recipe I just had to try.

Well, when you see a recipe for "Emergency Soup" or "Soupe d'urgence" ....what would you do - but make it. I had most of the ingredients. No fresh ginger, but roasted ginger spice sub'd just fine.

 2 1/2 large Sweet Potatoes, peeled and cut into medium sized chunks
5 carrots, sliced 
1 big onion, diced
3 large garlic cloves, same
1/2 Tablespoon diced fresh ginger (or cuilière à soupe instead of T in France)
cumin, cayenne powder, cinammon, ancho chile powder, cajun spices, heck I even put a pinch of Smokehouse Maple in there, to taste
1 Liter chicken broth

and I used the russian garlic mush that was leftover from thanksgiving (there sure is alot of it left and only a little is used at a time cause it's so potent) 
I used roasted ginger, cumin, sirarche, ancho chile powder, saigon cinnamon, pumpkin spice and some lea and perrins. But after I tasted it, I ground up some nutmeg over the bowl. And that's what it was missing.

It was damn gooooood. I thought it was too thick, but really it wasn't.  Oh yeah I used a GINORMOUS yam instead of sweet potatoes, If anything....next time I will use more yam and less carrot. But it was very good.
I cooked the onions down to almost mush before adding the potato and I used organic sunflower seed oil not olive oil. And of coarse I used my MAGIC POT (a dutch oven cast iron thing).  That's a must, and an Imersion blender.
You should try it. 
If I had any of that compressed coconut stuff, that would have been a nice addition as a garnish. But I didn't have any of that.  I really should get some

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