Monday, October 01, 2012

Library books

These are currently the library books hanging around different parts of the house.

*Would it kill you to stop doing that? : a modern guide to manners
Alford, Henry
Funny, read it in about 4 hours though.  I gave it to someone to read, I hope he eventually returns it to the library.  
*The busy mom's cookbook : 100 recipes for quick, delicious, home-cooked meals
Lofaso, Antonia
Gave this one to my daughter to take a look at
*On a cold road : tales of adventure in Canadian rock
Bidini, Dave
*In the flesh : twenty writers explore the body
Page, Kathy
*Forty words for sorrow : [Detectives John Cardinal & Lise Delorme mystery]
Blunt, Giles
*Fresh & easy : what to cook and how to cook it
Hornby, Jane
Sitting in the return pile....kinda lame
*Season to taste : how I lost my sense of smell and found my way
Birnbaum, Molly
*A conspiracy of friends : [a Corduroy Mansions novel]
McCall Smith, Alexander
Love, loooove anything by this author!!!!! I get a little bit of joy everytime I spot a new one @ library "new and notable" shelf, although this isn't that new I think (and hope) it's one that I missed when it first came out.
*Everybody has everything : [a novel]
Onstad, Katrina
*How to cook like a man : a memoir of cookbook obsession
Duane, Daniel

*The beggar's opera
Blair, Peggy J
*The Tuscan Sun cookbook : recipes from our Italian kitchen
Mayes, Frances
*A sunless sea : a William Monk novel
Perry, Anne
I read everything by Anne Perry
*The book club cookbook : recipes and food for thought from your book club's favorite books and authors
Gelman, Judy

I loooove this book, Unfortunately It has added to my reservation list, and now I want to join a bookclub
*American grown : the story of the White House kitchen garden and gardens across America
Obama, Michelle
*The pleasures of cooking for one
Jones, Judith
This is the second time I've taken this book out, I thought I needed a refresher for some inspiration
*Chocolate obsession : confections and treats to create and savor
Recchiuti, Michael
*Eat the city : a tale of the fishers, trappers, hunters, foragers, slaughterers, butchers, farmers, poultry minders, sugar refiners, cane cutters, beekeepers, winemakers, and brewers who built New York
Shulman, Robin
*Home made : the ultimate DIY cookbook featuring over 200 from-scratch recipes
Boven, Yvette van
*Fear and loathing on the campaign trail '72
Thompson, Hunter S
*I'd like to apologize to every teacher I ever had : my year as a rookie teacher at Northeast High
Danza, Tony

*Locavore : from farmer's fields to rooftop gardens : how Canadians are changing the way we eat
Elton, Sarah
The book that changed the way I shop, and I lent it out to other people, again I hope they return it to a branch of the library, but I fear i will be paying overdues for this book, and I probably will buy it if I spot it at a book store or costco.
*Revenge of the land : a century of greed, tragedy, and murder on a Sasktchewan farm
Siggins, Maggie
*Buried in a book : [a novel idea mystery]
Arlington, Judy
*Day of honey : a memoir of food, love, and war
Ciezadlo, Annia
Loooved this book, tried some of the recipes. Have become adicted to the potatoes,onion and egg dish. I've added grated cheese, gr onions and bacon and sour cream as a topping to it. But I have to make it at least once a week. Also one of my obsessions is the diaspora of nationalities and the food they crave. Think the author is a little nuts for wanting to live where she does, but who among us isn't a little nuts. Great book, everyone should read it. Another book on my TO BUY LIST, cause I'm always searching through it for something. I've already renewed it twice, only one more renewal to go before overdues start adding up.
*Crow's landing : a novel
Smith, B. J
*SEAsoned : a chef's journey with her captain
Allman, Victoria
*The illustrated encyclopedia of warfare : from ancient Egypt to Iraq
David, Sau
Got this for my husband to read
*The jewels of paradise : [a novel]
Leon, Donna
*Ten dollar dinners : 140 recipes and tips to elevate simple, fresh meals any night of the week
Arabian, Melissa d
I don't think this one will be very promising
*The unfinished work of Elizabeth D. : a novel
Bernier, Nichole

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