Sunday, November 04, 2012

Cooking up a Sunday

Well here it is Sunday.
Busy past week..monday work, tuesday work, wednesday off - but day was spent watching Sandy.
Tuesday I had an unexpected visit from my brother, changing planes in the city.  He should have known things weren't going to look very good when he got stuck in Edmonton for 2 hours, Then found out in Calgary that he wasn't flying into BC until Wednesday if he was lucky. So two days spent waiting at the airport.  Its a good thing I live 10 minutes away for said airport. So It was Rotisserie Chicken for dinner(plus a stop to replenish wine supply). which resulted in chicken chow mein on wednesday from the leftovers of chicken.

Thursday was spent nursing a broken down van. Couldn't believe it....apparently if you don't use the emergency brake, like ever....the cable can seize up with rust etc.  The fact that this happens - suddenly one of the rear tires (passenger side for me) stops turning. Well specially when one backs up and then gets stuck in a parking lot.

I called up several mobile mechanics - not one of which proved to be very MOBILE at all. "men" just piss me off.

I called up my mechanically inclined brother-in-law that unfortunately for me lives in Vancouver, and was told to set the emergency brake then pop it a couple times, that should unseize the stupid thing. It worked.....until I used the brake again.    This time in an intersection.....
I got the thing going again and finally managed to drive home without using the brake, about 18 miles....I don't want to ever have to do that again anytime soon.  It's a good thing that someone could loan me a car for a week.  I don't know what's happening, but mechanics seem to have alot of work.

So I'm sitting here today...refusing to drive anywhere anytime soon.  I managed to walk around yesterday and got a few bargains at various markets.  I bought some organic yams (small ones) that are currently roasting away in the oven preparing them for the "Emergency Soup" that I made the other day.  This time I figured roasting the smaller yams (as apposed to the ginormous tasteless ones) would be better. And roasting them, well they just taste soooo much better roasted to death, than cooked on top of the stove.  And I really miss having the soup around in the fridge.  It was so welcome a couple weeks ago, it truly is an Emergency Soup.  I hope to have some around all the time.

I also scored about 50 lemons for less than $2.00, I dragged them all home (heavy load) I figured I'd juice them all up and store it in the freezer, I probably won't need any lemons for at least a year.  Hopefully I'll remember that it's in the freezer.

Also bought a roast for a great deal that I cut up into three different feeding of stew.  For like $9.00 I have two bags of 1 3/4 lb stew meat for the freezer plus 1 bag currently marinating in the fridge destined for the stew I made last week.  I've been thinking of nothing else but that damn stew all week.  So today is the day....I'm making it again. But browned on the stove, cooked down and then thrown into the oven.  It just seemed stupid to cook it on the stovetop.  Stew belongs in the oven.

I'm beginning to wonder about Dec 21, 2012 --- in the last week everyone had to deal with weather issues, sandy as well as other weather systems everywhere.  Then Bank of Montreal atm's died for  a morning of caos everywhere like gas stations and retail outlets.  It's weird cause the day before I was moving $$$ around and instead of doing it via internet email transfers I was having trouble with my stupid passwords and Had to physically go to one bank on the 1st  to withdraw from one to drive over to the other one.  Well I got sidetracked and ended up not getting to the other bank until Friday.  So I had a couple $$$ in the house.  Which actually proved to be a good thing....cause otherwise I would have been screwed the morning that BMO went capput....For someone like myself that never carries actually money around, but depends on atms and paying always with debit cards.  It was a lesson learned.  it's a good idea to CARRY SOME CASH....EMERGENCY CASH

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