Thursday, November 08, 2012's Winter...again

Well I'm glad I got the winter tires put on yesterday. Cause's WINTER again. We did have a Fall as it turns out, but it lasted for a whole 3 days only this year.  So sad....

The condo board in their infinite collective wisdom....have decided that end of October would be a fine time to start resurfacing the front patios, so the front of our units all look like crime scenes with yellow caution tape everywhere where rails should be.  They propped up the hand rails on the stairs just before halloween but we all collectively decided it was best to not give out treats or decorate at all cause you just know some kid would have got hurt falling off the stairs or patios.  And then it snowed.   So I'm thinking I will have to incorporate yellow caution tape into my xmas theme somehow.
It would be nice to be able to remove all floral from the planters.  But that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon either.  I wonder how twinkle lites will look on frozen petunias.  Maybe if I throw in some pinecones and a couple stars or something...It might look festive.  

This calls for some "emergency soup" just gets better and better.....Everyone should have a batch in the fridge. I love this stuff.  I believe it's my new fav comfort food.

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lorihokie said...

that soup looks fantastic!