Thursday, November 29, 2012

I've been doing everything to stay awake  .It's not even 6 o'clock p.m., yet.  My early mornings for the last two weeks has finally done me in.  I've been waking up before 5a.m. to get to my daughters (20 miles) by 5:30.  When your 2nd vehicle breaks down and there are two different daycares, that have two different "don't bring them before...times" and one parents starts at 6am and the other at 7am,  two different parts of the city that parents work...well it's a recipe for disaster in the mornings.  So grandma has been doing the daycare and before school care delivery.  In order to give my daughter a break on daycare costs I also ( a week before the breakdown of the vehicle) informed her that we would be available for the g'kids on mondays and fridays. Since she has to pay even when it's a long weekend or when there's a friday off from kindergarten (they seem to take one friday off a month).  Then beginning Dec 16, it's going to be full time monday through friday.  Cause daycare is just way to expensive - as in more than a mortgage payment.  It's nuts. When I had to deal with the reality of unsubsidized daycare for my kids---way back when---I packed it in and decided to stay home for 10+ years.  But that's not the reality for most parents these days.

Another wrench in this whole plan was my decision to find a stupid part time job---somewhere in the neighborhood.  I just had to get out of the house.  Since my client only needs me quarterly and I'm too lazy to find any others --- and my husband is home ALL DAY LONG.  So in late October I became a cashier in a neighborhood mega store.  And NO it's not Walmart.  As---if that would ever happen.  Though it's almost as bad. Of all the things I've done with my life I have never been a cashier in a retail store.  And since I hate people I figured I would last 4 hours, if that.  But it's been a little over a month and for some reason I'm still a cashier.  Gooooo figure.  It's not the $$$ that's for sure.  I worked out that the last time my salary was so bad was wayyyyy wayyyy waaaay back in 1976.  How rediculous is that?  It's almost a joke.  I'm the only "non immigrant" they probably hired in ages.  The guy that "trained" me was 19 and asked me really stupid questions about denominations of our currency.  I looked at him like he was nuts.  What???Are you kidding me?  He explained that most immigrants have trouble with our currency. ...o--kayyy!!!??

So I've been wasting my days (5hr here and there) doing this, and looking after g'kids on mondays and fridays ---at their house. I'm trying to remember the days that i had nothing to do.  The reason for getting the stupid job in the first place.  I was becoming a home body and when I found myself talking aimlessly with clerks at stores about nothing but nonsense.  I figured I better in ...get out of the house.  It's either feast of famine with me.  I either have too much to do...or nothing at all.  And then their stupid car broke down.  And it's $$$ to fix right now...being xmas and all. So now---it's g'kids all day monday, delivery to daycares tuesday - thursday mornings. and g'kids all day friday.  Work saturday and sunday. And I get calls every once in awhile to come in to cashier evenings during the week. So I don't even remember the day when I didn't have anything to do.  Plus I'm very tired.  I'm just not a morning person.  I really really hate getting up early.  That's one of the best parts of non employment.

Last night I bought a winter jacket for my g'son...that was too big.  So this morning after dropping both off I returned it to a different location of the same store.  One that I'm not familiar with. So I returned it, and then walked around a bit.  And completely went nuts on discounted items.

pkg of cherry strudel, banana bread, pumpernickle, fancy french, butterhorns, and a bag of coissants

celery, green garden salad, two dips, pineapple, two cottage cheese (i see lasagna, manicotti, or canelloni in my future) and a container of greek feta that isn't here

I got carried away, I will admit to that....It's a good thing i remembered to also buy some freezer bags. Cause I was going to need them..

This is what made it into the freezer.
2 rib steaks about 1" thick (i'm going to have to get a refill for the gas tank of the bbq)
3 bags of 500 kg(1lb) of ground sirloin all repackaged
3 bags of 600 kg of sirloin and ground pork that I mixed up and repackaged
the pork roast was portioned into 2 - 350 kg cut up pork for stirfry
5 bone-in chicken breasts
2 bags 250 kg beef stirfry
2 bags of 4each smoked sausage ( will be very tasty I hope with perogies some day or the bbq)
15 boneless chicken thighs portioned into two meals of 7-8 each
1 box of sole breadsticks that the g'kids will probably enjoy
5 bags of pork breakfast sausage of 10 each
1 12" roasted chicken pesto pizza (uncooked)
5 sirloin weird steaks that I've never bought before, prob good for steak sandwiches or stirfry

...and a pkgs of 10 snicker bars, two bags of sour candies, some weird english toffee, and jujubes.  The experation date on the candy was September 1213.  I didn't know that stuff even had an experation date
 I paid a grand total of $93

I probably forgot something....But what a deal. I will have to put a sticky note on the fridge to remind me of what I put in the freezer in the garage.  This begs the question.....WHAT WAS I THINKING....SOMEONE HAS TO COOK ALL THIS .....EVENTUALLY.
I better not hear "there's nothing to eat" from my husband.  All that bakery crap is for him.

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