Sunday, April 28, 2013

one things leads to another....instead of doing the "list fridays" thing.  I have to be different and do a List Sunday.  Why?  because I hardly ever get out of bed before noon on Sunday.  I'm usually lounging in bed watching the pvr'd programs since friday night.  It's usually Bill Maher, 20/20, Rock Center, W5, Fifth Estate, 48 Hours, Sunday Morning cbs thing, Land and Sea, Mansbridge One on One.  And anything else that i've pvr'd since Friday.  With all these shows, who has time to get out of bed anyway.  Well truthfully some of these I watch Saturday night also.  But Sunday mornings I can usually be found in bed till noon, usually with my computer on my lap.

Avocado's are on my brain these days.  And this really looks good.
I've got to buy a cauliflower, and how come I never thought of this myself.  I loooove cauliflower and I always have pesto on hand in the freezer.  This is a no brainer.  I'll have to try it with other veg.
And this will probably go down real good in this household.  Both this  and that, what's not to like about a meatball meal.  Or as finger food the next day.  yyummm
And what's this site....yet another to add to my growning list of sites to explore.  There aren't enought hours in the day.  I've often wondered about the people posting, and taking pictures of food they are cooking, eating, etc.  I never remember to pic up the camera when I want to document my meal.  I always remember as I'm clearing away.
And how many books are these bloggers going to flog on their sites.  Getting a little annoying.  Yes, yes, yes there are wonderful writers out there, and yes it's wonderful that they've all gotten the opportunity to write a book.  But I don't want to hear about it constatantly on your blog.  Enough already.  It's already advertised on your site. Give it a rest already.  We're not stupid, and I'm not going to buy it anyway.  I order my books at the library and rather pay an overdue fine than have to deal with a book permanently in my possession.  I move....I hate packing things.  I usually don't read it a second time.  Why on earth would I want to buy it.

And just so you know......all you writers out there that annoy the hell out of me by screwing up the printing ability of your recipes by using a color that won't copy well.   I can enter the recipe on countless recipe sites and take a pic of the end result with my cell phone. And paste the pic.  So no matter what is done to slow the copying process. Just so you know.....once it's out's out there.

There have been several books that I have bought and yes I have used them countless times, But....I've copied the recipe into my big binder with plastic sheet protectors, cause I usually can't put my finger on just where the book is, or who i lent it to, or which kid might have it.  So I've stopped buying them.  I can't remember the last cookbook I've bought.  I remember was at a the sale pile.  I believe it was Loonyspoons.  I've bought this particular book probably 4x's now.  I keep lending it out.  And I keep going back to it.  I've had to phone people that I know have this book to retrieve a recipe for me.  So this copy I'm keeping this one.  Though I don't know where it is if I wanted a recipe.

And Barefoot I always buy, I just wish Ina wrote a little more about the food. should write more.
I've got a bin full of cookbooks that are being added to the garage sale stuff.

I've started to add recipes to a recipe share site just so I can put my finger on a particular recipe that my kids have requested while at their house.  It's nice and convenient when travelling and shopping.  But pinterest is the ultimate site.  So now each recipe gets posted to a sharing site first then to pinterest.  Cause I just don't trust pinterest to be there when I need it.  Even though it has survived thus far.  Who bought it anyway.  I can't remember.

I hope the creators made a gazzilion dollars cause so far it's the best site ever.

This looks really good.  I also found a recipe that adds cinnamon.
This is an interesting site that I will be going back to
And who is this guy anyway.
Well it's almost noon.  I gotta get outta here, make some lunch maybe.  Get dressed.  Maybe have a shower.
My tea is way cold

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