Monday, April 08, 2013

The Monday after

I'm going to miss this, heartbroken when I found it at the bottom of a box.
Things that didn't make it
-lasagna dish
-cabinet with glass doors that I bought in the "asis" room at Ikea years ago....someone (who shall remain nameless) decided to smash the side while attempting to load a truck. I used it to store fabric.  Loved that cabinet.  Now I'm going to have to haunt the damn ikea store to get another one.
- a big round plastic (still don't know how this got broken....being plastic and all) zebra platter thing that someone just threw away hoping I wouldn't notice it missing....but I spotted it - decided to let it go

Guarding his toys waiting to load them first to make sure they all make it.  You know...cause adults can't be trusted not to throw some of these in the wrong kind of in garbage truck

Since my table isn't really big enough for six and they sold their beloved counter height one when they sold their house...condition of the sale an all.  We can't agree on what to

I dragged this out of the garage this morning  - primarily to stop bashing my head on the low hanging light fixture as well as somewhere to put my coffee cup.

There are piles ...everywhere
I don't know how a car actually spent the night in the garage but it did
That's going to be my sewing room some day.

My husband is constantly asking me where this piece of clothing is or that piece of clothing...none of which he actually needs any time soon.  I finally flipped out at him and suggested that he can start hanging up stuff instead of complaining.  And this is as far as he got - Hung up one of four bags of hangers - gee thanks so much......

This was one of the main features of signing the lease...

...the corner pantry.  Now...where are all those boxes and tubs of stuff....?
but this was a nice unexpected bonus that I didn't notice the first couple times that we viewed the house
Every box I open I seem to find more and more
I think we can safely say that we have enough tongs now - 8
and way too many of everything else
There are four tubs standing around kitchen filling up with "garage sale stuff"

I wonder how much $$$ are tied up in these stupid things
all vcr's video's that life would not be worth without...apparently
about a 10th of all the dvd's around here
Plus there are 5 binders full of dvd's and 3 more containers.  Why we need any of these when we have netflix is beyond me.  Men.....and their stupid ass dvd's and video's.  Honestly....and he still is known to buy some stupid thing off pay-per-view because he can't put his hands on his own copy of the damn movie.

I stopped buying books and magazines the least he could do is stop buying these damn things.  Nothing but dust collectors as far as i'm concerned.

Since taking out my handy dandy camera on the cell phone anytime I was tempted to buy a magazine for a pattern.  I take a pic and just copy it onto draft paper when I actually want it.  There are probably many pictures of me with my camera taking multiple pictures of magazine pages on surveillance video all over the city.  But everyone knows the likelyhood of ever actually "Needing" the pattern are pretty remote.

Any why do we have so many dvd players both blueray and reg and not to mention I even found 2 VCR players.  Grrr  I don't know what's going first...all the dvd's, video's, their respective players....or the husband that insists his life will be over without them all.

But I did manage to throw out a couple stereo's ...wonder how long it will take him to notice.
And all those shirts and pants that he hasn't worn in years....are hopefully being made use of at the shelters.
But when or if he ever notices things missing....well there's always the "must have been thrown out by accident"

I'm going to miss the convenction oven and the ceramic top stove.  Not to mention the front loading washer and dryer.  I'm going to have to roam around Habitat for Humanity's "restore" for replacements. Maybe I can trade some dvd players for a better appliance on kijiji????

At least the weather cooperated and it only started snowing today.

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