Monday, April 15, 2013

The making of "the man cave"

Everytime I searched out my son-in-law (sil) he was throwing things around in the garage.  Here I thought he was unloading things.....But it seems it was only being moved around
This morning I waundered in there and had a chuckle

It seems we have the making of a Man cave

The only thing missing is the drum set.
and maybe some strobe lighting.
He's already planning on a garage sale to end all garage sales.....he used to be an event planner/banquet chief.  Sooooo it should be interesting.
---there will be music
---there will be food
---there will be door prizes
---so far
---hopefully there will be more room in the man cave.
I bet it will be scheduled to co-incide with the same weekend of the  Hawaiian maid-of-honor/brides-maid trip that he refuses to accompany my daughter on.  Seeing as how this particular bride ditched her bridesmaid responsabilites when the trip was to Mexico for their wedding.  Bad feelings die hard it seems.

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