Saturday, December 22, 2012

8:30 am
The first day all week that I could have slept in, and my husbands stupid ass iphone started beeping at 5am.  One of these days it would be nice if he actually learned how to use the damn thing so that he can turn crap off.  So I got up and made coffee. Stupid phone.  I hate that thing, I wish he had the brains to buy a samsung one like mine.  At least that one I know how to use.

I have so much to get done today.  There won't  be enough hours.
- four pairs of jammies for the g'kids, I finally found a suitable pattern. And when did patterns become so expensive. It's a good thing I got 50% off. I opened one of the many bins in my sewing closet and low and behold found piles of fabric I purchased heaven knows when, that would be great for pajamas.  Princess' and hockey player fabric. Yay don't have to buy anything other than elastic.  And the pattern of course. Now it's just the sewing them assembly line style.
- shopping for gifts, haven't even started yet. Not even one.  I always shop last couple days.  What's the point otherwise. I have't been anywhere but a grocery store for a long time.
- breakfast...i'm just propped up here on my pillows dreaming of breakfast. And my coffee carafe is almost empty...and it's not very hot anymore anyway.  I really should get up.  My husband is watching junior hockey on TV ....I don't care if it's in Europe - it's too early in the day to have to suffer hockey.
- I'm going to have to get my butt off to Costco for the green beans.
- I picked up yet another cauliflower yesterday during one of my several grocery store stops, I've been dreaming of the soup I made the other day.  It's been all week without cream of roasted cauliflower soup with smoked applewood bacon.  I can't seem to think of anything else lately. Another big pot of that is a must that's for sure.

I noticed a blog the other day for the first time
and noticed an interesting soup that is just begging to be made
I even went so far as to purchase some orzo antisipation.  And even bought both veg and chicken broth...just in case.  Now all I need is some leftover chicken...maybe turkey will do.

Well here it is 9am  "GET OUT OF BED"

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