Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We were leaving home Monday and I had the car keys in my pocket.  When I walked outside ...Lo and car was on.
I noticed a vehicle down the road about three cars away was also running so I assumed ...once again that someone else`s remote started my van again.
It must have just happened because the van was still ice cold.  But then later that night my husband was trying to prove that maybe I was just a little  nuts and still didn`t believe someone else`s remot started our van.  So he pointed the remote outside and wouldn`t you know it...with a big audiance, damn if it didn`t start, and stop and start and stop several times.


I suggested that maybe by some devine intervention...maybe our garage door will suddenly open.
And wouldn`t you just know it, the remote still works.  But everytime I use it now I notice that there is another car also running.  Now I don`t know if my remote suddenly starts other cars now.  I will have to test it next time I start the van.  This is really driving me nuts.

I stepped out of the car xmas  between returning from a sleep over (my g`son asked if we were having a sleep over at his house.  funny guy) at my daughters and attending the family dinner at my neice`s.  And I slipped on my ass.  Well as I was going down I over compensated and ended up whipping my head back ( it all happened so fast, it truly astonished me) and bashed the back of my head on the ice covered pavement.  And....just layed there.
No one was around.  I knocked myself out, blackness followed, then stars.  I was so afraid someone would run over me because the road was a sheet of ice.  I tried in vain to get up but nothing was working.  My arms and legs weren`t getting any signals from my bashed in brain.  I couldn`t believe it.  Everything was spinning  and I couldn`t get my legs to STAND UP

When I finally did manage to get up my legs wouldn`t move in any regular pattern to actually walk. I was really getting pissed off.  I finally got to a little tree along the boulevard and held on to it till I came to my senses.

By the time I managed to get in the house I had such a banger headache.
And then this morning My legs didn`t want to function as I was getting out of bed.

Me thinks....concussion.

All day I`ve had to get up slowly otherwise I might topple over.
...and don`t touch the back of my head.  It`s unbearable
concussion and whiplash.

I wonder how long this is going to go on.

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