Friday, December 21, 2012

Well I've been busy today
It actually started wednesday when I decided to drag all my baking stuff over to my daughters since I'm THE babysitter full time now.
Three huge bags full of stuff plus sheets and scoops.  My kitchenaid and cuisinart are already making their homes over here since I didn't feel like dragging them home probably last xmas.
First on the list was a nice little number that caught my eye in the sobey's inspired holiday magazine.

Coconut, cranberry & pistachio cookies.  Look so yummy. I drove to several different stores looking for some pistachio's already shelled.  But no luck
Couple nails were sacrificed in shelling them. And a couple got eaten by me and g'kids shelling them. But we just had enough to throw in the cuisinart.  I can't believe that I have lived whooooo these many years and never ever made rolled log cookies.   It's a good thing cause I didn't have a good time making these after rolling into logs.  The next day I had a heck of a time cutting them without crumbling them up and just making a general all-around mess of giant proportion.  I got so fed up that I threw half the batter in the garbage. After doubling the recipe in the first place.

I baked what batter was left after cutting them up and they tasted kinda crappy.  Then later yesterdtay I was walking by the bowl of them and the fourth one...they didn't taste all that bad.  When the adults got home yesterday and much sampling was done the general concensious was that they were damn fine cookies after all.  I quess they just had to sit awhile.  Too bad the dough sitting at the bottom on the garbage can couldn't have fulfilled it's purpose.  Next time I attempt these - and there will be  a next time - I will remember to reduce the flour a bit.

Then today I made

but only 1/4 of the recipe.

and then

even though raisins were used.  I think this is the first time that I didn't scorf down any batter before they got in the oven.  I really really hate raisins.  But my g'daughter hates chocolate.  So it's raisin for her.

And finally

It would have been nice to actually start and end the baking day without the many trips to the store.  First I ran out of flour, even though I brought some from home.  Then it was the raisins.  But I should have actually read the recipe cause then I wouldn't have had to make yet another trip for baking soda.  Who doesn't have baking soda.  My daughter obviously.

I did all this and it's not even 3pm yet.  Wow ...I'm impressed with myself.

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