Friday, December 28, 2012

Seriously.....I have got to get out of this bed
I have waaaay tooooo much to do....the days are screaching by
I turned this stupid thing on at 5am and it's 10am now.  Get the .....out of bed

Some of your people are just too funny and I gotta read and read and read somemore.  And then I have to reread things to my hubs wasting time right next to me.  Thank you for the no football this morning anywhere....But enough of the stupid "ice pilots....all morning looooooong:"  I'm going to get out of bed just to not have to watch these stupid shows.

So,,,,let's see, I woke up at 5ish
it's not 10:30 ish
that 3 hrs ...give or take
so if one were to add 3 hrs onto the 10:30 am mark, for the extra 3 hrs that i've been up since 5am instead of the normal 8am
that makes it

close to
....1:30 ishhhhh

....that means

it's time for wine....isn't it?

...that's a good a reason as any to get outta bed

...update... down
it's even a good size...if I didn't hate beige and browns so much I might consider keeping it.

....two down ...pj's and matching pillow case
why not just buy pj's and pillow case?   Well...if it wasn't for crappy california that might be ok, but I just can't bring myself to saturate my g'kids internal organs and brain with more and more fire retardant.  that's right fire retardent.  It's my latest pet peeve with a capital "P"
the chemical used has been banned for years for it's carsenagenic ...nous but it's still being used in furniture with syrofoam stuffing and any fabric used for curtains, pj's bedding and mattresses.  It's in all our organs in highly large doses.  And everytime anyone jumps on furniture or bed's the chemical is released into the atmosphere, usually as dust particles that our kids....and pets cause they are smaller ingest.  It's in the dust on the carpet where our kids roll around and hang out.  It's deadly stuff.......and stupid ass california still insists that it be added to everything flamable. And since every manufacturer wants to sell into that market, they use the shit. Very hard to find upholstered furniture without it.  Even though it's been proven time and again that it DOESNT WORK WORTH SHIT....cause you will die from the fumes in the stuffing of the couch and mattress before the flames even get you.
So I refuse to buy pj's for them, or blankets or bedding.   I just feel better making it myself.  I even made sheets for their cribs when they were baby's and they all have quilts and blankies homemade.  I even have a pile of receiving blankets that were home made (used as dish towels now) some of these receiving blankets my kids were using 30 yrs ago even.

whew....finally finished

4 pairs

next time I decide to sew a slew of pj's, someone lock me in a closet until the feeling passes.

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