Monday, December 24, 2012

Since I've oppted out of xmas, why am I still running around like one of those stupid last minute shoppers?

Yes...I've opted out!  There I'm PROUD to actually say it.  And I-WILL-NOT-FEEL-QUILTY!!!!!

...except I already feel just a little guilty...ughhhhh

....Last year - I also INTENDED to opt out.  But as I was mailing my xmas cards (something else I'm opting out of this year) I was at shoppers (its all their fault) paying for all those stupid stamps when I turned to leave....and
IS THAT EVER CUTE....thing - sitting ot n the discount shelf
...for my latest greatest-almost didn't make it-grandson of the 1yrs old sect.
So I bought it-some stuffed animal kinda thing that made stupid noises and had interesting features....anyway
That's where it started.  Of coarse I would have to get three more "isn't that ever cute".  Then shopping for those things I happened to notice all kinds of interesting stocking stuffers.  So of coarse i hade to hunt up the household stockings...Ughhhh - this never ends.
...and after all was said and done and mailed off or couriered off.  The first "isn't that ever cute" ......he already hade one just like it-in a different color.  I-could-not-believe-it!!!!! The stupid thing that got me to spend untold ---I don't even want to think about it $$$$$$. He already had one.
So I told them to ---never mind---regift it when you get a chance.
Yes, I'm one of those.  If I give it to whatever you damn well please with it.  I don't care regift it....chuck it....take it back.  WHATEVER floats your boat.  I really hate those people that give you a gift and expect you to bow down to it FOREVER.
So this year.  I've stuck to my guns.
Just 2 gifts for the gift exchange after xmas dinner---it's usually a riot when there are lots of adults attending.  Much grumbling and stealing and restealing.
But.....I do have lots of flannel...for pj's for the g'kids.
When my grandaughter asked me the other day "but baba....what are you going to get me for xmas"
and I said "baba doesn't buy anything for xmas for anyone----"
she looked at me like I was completely nuts.
So I qualified that with....."You know...baba doesn't buy toys --except at garage sales.  And you know---baba doesn't buy CRAP FROM CHINA. Except in garage sales, because if the toy survives to go into a garage sale, then it's OK"
That's when I decided to make pj's for them all, and a pillow case that matches the pj's.
So earlier I was at COSTCO filling up with gas, and buying those stupid green beans from ...oh I don't know Costa Rica, or Equador, or Maybe Mexico....I love them ...ok....Don't bug me about "in season" or "100 mile radius"   bull....they are beans.   and they are good.  So sue me
That's when I loaded up on socks for everyone.  So everyone is getting socks in their xmas socks. and the g'kids are also getting pj's...that's it.
So why am I running around looking for Shallots for gods sake.  The roads are a skating rink, it's -38 with wind chill, This is stupid.  Thank heavens I'm home now....sitting here enjoying a glass of wine before I have to go into the sewing room and finish .......
Why on earth I left all this sewing for the last minute----that was just really really dumb

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