Thursday, December 13, 2012

So I was planning on picking up my glasses on wednesday...with the new lenses.
But things got away from me and I never got a chance.  So later that night I get a phone call from the place where the stupid lense vanished into thin air.
  "I was sorting our the tupperware drawer of lunch containers and you will never believe what was in there?" said my son-in-law
tupperware, I said
a glass lense. he said
crap....Since I already put the order through for new lenses I just bit the bullet and decided to go through with it and pick up new ones on Thursday
So this morning I put the old escaped lense into my pocket and that was it.  I still cant believe the lense bounced all the way into that drawer.  But....oh well
So this afternoon I stepped up to the counter with a heavy heart willing somewhat waste money on a set of lenses that I really didnt need .  I put them on....wait a minute,
I asked the counter person to hand me something to read, cause these were reading glasses after all, hmmm...things are a little ...fuzzy wierd.
She asked me, arent these driving glasses
no reading glasses
ohhh ...the person who wrote this up put down distance lenses.
so i whipped out the lense that was in my pocket, and the other lense was in the little plastic container with the order, and she put both old lenses into the frames, and VIOLA ...I didnt have to spend any money after all

by the way the asteric key seems to be not working...something else in printing out on the screen and I cant figure out how to fix it.  So no asterics today

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