Thursday, December 20, 2012

I got the following email the other day:

"Hi, So I am not sure if you have looked at the calendar lately but xmas day is on Tuesday. How that happened I am not sure. So I have been playing with recipes and here is what I think I know for sure.  We are having a Turducken with stuffing and mashed.  We will have fresh fruit and an apple pie for dessert.  We will have a spinach salad.  So Holly can you bring a veg that DOES NOT  contain Brussel Sprouts and Auntie Kathy can you also bring a veg that DOESN'T contain Brussel Sprouts.  I will also have some fresh buns.  What am I missing?"

which I responded with:

"I WILL bring a veg...that WILL contain brussel sprouts...and you WILL eat them.. and wonder "how did I ever live this long without this recipe." this years Thanksgiving dinners' favorite...hands down were the beet top parcels and the maple syrup glazed ( with baba N's hazel nuts) brussel sprouts...Sometimes u gotta "suck -it-up" it you invite the "family" or "this family" specifically for xmas dinner...really -u-will-LOVE-them....I promise."

then later I added:
"I can't bring the beet top parcels cause I  don't actually remember how we made them....too much wine was consumed and it was a communal it is I will probably have to call around and ask if anyone remembers what we put into the sprouts exactly...again too much wine"

to which my neice responded:
"oh sooo sad you can't bring them!!! Make sure there are NORMAL veggies that the rest of the group can eat.  I have gravy and cranberry sauce covered. Pickles, olives, pickled asparagus, etc will be part of the app's which are all covered.  All I really need are SOME VEG"

WHAT???? does this girl have against Brussel Sprouts anyway

It's like ....every family dinner they have to be included because ...someday.....they may actually be good.  It's that never ending side dish that is never made the same way twice cause there's always that hope that they will actually be good.  How-many-different-ways- do-they-have-to-be-prepared?????  I've never made them the same way twice.......
....except for....finally...I've done it..I think....
....The presentation for Thanksgiving was by far...the far
And I'm confident that even Leigha will eat them...and enjoy the process.  I think I have finally done it.  Brussel Sprouts that ANYONE and EVERYONE will love.  I just wish I could remember how we made them - exactly

and what about the stuffed mushrooms....we have to have stuffed mushroons.  How could she have forgotten about them.

"I will bring some green bean thing with bacon and shallots, along with the sprouts"

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