Saturday, December 08, 2012

Somebody bring me donuts, or cinnamon buns, or I will settle for some coissants. I can't believe I've got this headcold.  I hate headcolds. I HATE HEADCOLDS

I'm hungry
I'm sick
...I'm kinda lazy
There are no leftovers to nuke

I'm trying to figure out what to make, that I want to eat.
I hope I have some bacon that's not frozen
Maybe a BLT

saw this on "CBS Saturday Morning"

This looks good for dinner....or maybe I'm just hungry
Maybe I will give it a go this evening.
I guess someones going to have to go buy a chicken first


hmmmm....I don't was o.k.a.y!!! sorta.   Well I have leftover chicken for another meal.  I don't think I'll make it again.  The house reeeeeeks of oil.  It would be something to make on the bbq burner maybe.....outside.  Maybe it would have tasted better using legs and thighs...but I kinda don't like either of those....too veiny for my liking. I chopped up breasts into 5 pieces each.

But I DID enjoy the bacon

And the pickled baby peppers were HOoottt. The potatoes really picked up the peppers.  It's a good thing I only used 1 quartered and seeded.  Didn't particularly like the flavour of the pepper.  Now i have a whole jar to deal with.

But on the plus side.   Breakfast tomorrow morning is all set. Yay

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