Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The other day I was scrolling around on my phone and ...thought this was kinda cute

Normally I really hate machine applique but this didn't look tooooo onerous.

Since the site didn't offer a pattern, I copied something similar

Hmmm, which fabric...which fabric--always a difficult choice

I opened a couple bins and discovered some interesting stuff I had forgotten's been years since this particular bin was opened, I really should open the others and have a look...see...

And this is as far as I got. MY MACHINE DID A PROTEST OF SORTS...has decided that it doesn't like the needles, or the thread, or the tension.....It's just not working.
So after much cussing and tantrums I remembered my sister was arriving on Thursday from the Kootenays (on her way to Hawaii---why she's doing it via Calgary is beyond me...but she is) so I phoned up my daughter-in-law to request her machine for the duration of my sisters holidays. Cause she's going back eventually.  When my aunt passed away a few years ago and a few of us were going through her things I grabbed her machine to give to one of my girls or girl-in-law.  I've kinda regretted not keeping it myself since.  Cause without fail, everytime i have multiple projects in mind, my machine goes on a strike.  So that's it....finally...It's going to be replace in the new year.  I've finally HAD it.  I can't remember how many machines I've come across at garage sales this year alone, not to mention the estate sales.  It's always amazing how cheap they are because the seller usually has their mothers or grandmothers machine and they don't have a clue of it's real value.  Of coarse stupid me....left them - because I already had one and why would I need more than one.  Crap!!!

And it didn't help that the other day i picked up this book  from the library. And found all kinds of interesting things to try

...And I even managed to secure a couple recycled coffee burlap sacks.  But I'm stuck waiting on the machine coming tomorrow.  I've been waiting since Sunday.  All the parts better come with the machine. My luck has been soooo good lately I can only imagine the cord, or some other crucial part will be left behind, or fall out of the vehicle at a gas station or something.  I've got too many things to do to be sitting here wasting my time.

I should cook something...
Chili ...yea chili sounds good for a couple days of not cooking afterwards....if the machine does show up with all it's parts....I'm not going to have time to cook.   I should go replenish my wine too---now that I think of it.  Can't sew and eat chili without wine.

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