Monday, December 17, 2012

My husband had a sudden craving for lemon meringe pie, so that's what we had for lunch on friday.  In fact I was in the middle of making this when we heard the news.  But the pie was good.  My sister was in town between flights so I took a piece to her and sang Happy Birthday cause tomorrow she's really really old.   It's always good to have and older sister, that gets older faster than you.
 She was nice enough to deliver a sewing machine that works, so that's what I spent the weekend doing. Sewing

My mother also sent along her yearly xmas gift box of perahi.  These are a combination of cabbage, carrots and onion.  There's also potato ones and cheese ones, some with beets and others with peas and some with some sort of bean concoction.  But the veg mix is my fav cause one can enjoy them cold with your morning coffee for breakfast, right out of your hand.  That's what I had for breakfast on Saturday.  Someday I'm going to have to learn how to make them.

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