Wednesday, December 05, 2012

One thing that can't be said about me is "you never know what she's going to cook" no-sir-rie....not me.
One thing you can say about me....I'm a creature of repetition.  Unfortunately my husband thinks he lives in a restaurant (working out of town on the road tends to do that to a person), and walks around saying things like "I sure would like.....(fill in the blank) for dinner. It's usually something really stupid with mashed potatoes and gravy.  If I open a can of cream corn he gets excited.  I on the other hand could eat the same thing 3,4 times a day for a week, then make it all over again for another round.  When I first left/ran away from home at 17 the only thing I cooked was pork chops, white rice and steamed broccoli.  I ate that for years.  That an alot of take-out and restaurant meals and hotdogs and beers for lunch (that's another story) ...I was TALL (well still am...) but back then, I was misstaken for ....over the legal limit....There was one time-----a bunch (all under age) were sitting around the local watering hole and suddenly I got asked for I.D. (the server was only asking me cause she thought for sure I was legal therefore everyone else could stay).....wrong idea. She was really pissed at me cause she was convinced I was legal....and then she had to deal with all those pitchers of beer... Needless to say we all had to move to a different watering hole after that.


...I bought yet another head of cauliflower, much to my husbands shaggrin (is that how that is spelled...looks weird)
...cream of roasted cauliflower soup....again
...with bacon and dill.  YUM husband says he's going to get a burger.

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