Sunday, December 09, 2012

Three the number

Things are falling apart, and it's really starting to PISS ME OFFFFFFFFF

Why do things always have to happen in 3's...

It all started about 3 weeks ago....I drove into the garage and the front of the van tapped/hit the freezer, which hit/smacked the wall.  Ever since then the garage door opener, REFUSES TO OPEN
It's fortunate that it stopped working after I drove out the next day.  I didn't know there was a problem until I came home late at night and the stupid thing refused to open from inside the van.

The next day I managed to open it from inside the garage....but why would I park in it...I just knew one morning at 5am it just wouldn't open for me and I would be stuck.  So I've been parking on the street and I've been kinda busy to get it fixed.  I need to get into one of my neighbors garages to have a boo at theirs, to see what could be wrong with mine.  And they haven't been around the same time as me.  And i refuse to get a professional to come have a look.  It's probably something really stupid and simple.   And it's too damn cold to actually spend any time out there to actually get a look at things.

Then about a week later at 5am I needed to get to my daughters and pointed my handy dandy automatic car starter out the window to start the van and when I went out to get into it, " come it's not running---did I take that long that it automatically turned off???  But it's friggin cold in here"  Well who has time to figure these things out at 5 in the morning when it's snowing and your half asleep and you have to drive 20km....without a coffee.  It wasn't until I was making the return trip later that day that I noticed the van didn't actually turn on....WTF
 So with this cold weather I've been trudging outside to start the thing up and then running back inside to wait....And I'm getting PISSED OFFFFFFF

Tried resetting things.   Pushing buttons.  NOTHING SEEMS TO BE WORKING TO GET IT TO START AUTOMATICALLY.

And again....I refuse to seek out a professional.  My brother-in-law ....that handy dandy guy...that installed it for us last year doesn't know what could be wrong and he's in Vancouver....and we aren't.   GRRRRR

Then on Friday

Last week things kinda warmed up to 1+ degree or so...for a couple days--things started melting.  And slushing...And the roads were a mess of brown stuff.  The really bad thing about a van???   TOO MANY WINDOWS to keep clean.  Not only is this a pain in the neck when removing snow in the morning.  It's a pain when you can't see anything out of them at intersections, or when changing lanes.  And when the sun is sitting so low on the horizon it's blinding.  AFter trying to clean them a couple times when filling up with gas and noticing that the water in the holding tanks for squeezying the windows is blah  brown and the windows are dirtyier after cleaning them....I decided to pull into a car wash and driving around looking for one such place where there isn't a line-up from hell is one problem.  Now you have to realize that actually washing a vehicle this time of year is tricky.'s warming up right this second in time....but you just know 15 minutes after you drive out of the car wash the temperature will surely drop to something below zero.  And your screwed.  Either the door locks will be impossible to open cause water gets in there and things freeze up or the windows will refuse to go up and down....or something really unforseen with happen to traumatize the vehicle.  "ughhhh you should have left it alone and driven around blind"

Cause on Friday around 9am I finally washed the van.  It was very nice to actually see something out of the windows.  And Saturday it was kinda sunny and only -1 or so.  But by the afternoon....when I was out and about and out of the van....I noticed the stupid ass button on the drivers side wouldn't lock or unlock the doors.   Tried all afternoon....the passenger side worked fine.   The drivers side .... f**k....

And today it's -32 out there.

So I can't drive my vehicle into the garage....cause I can't get the damn door to open....So I'm sitting here trying to decide if I will have to drag out an extention cord to plug the damn thing in...cause that's just too friggin might not start
I can't automatically start the thing to warm it I have to freeze to get it started...if it does start...out there....when I have a perfectly good...warm...garage
Have you ever had to unlock and lock the doors up's a friggin pain in the ass.  Especially when there are sooooo many of them.

So its a question of ....should I wait...and maybe there's just some wires that are wet and frozen up or do I go and see my handy dandy mechanic that always ALWAYS charges me $200+ for anything ...Doesn't matter's always $200.  I hate having to pay that.  Why can't one of my daughters have married a mechanic.  Is that tooooo much to ask for.  Or and electrician....Or a garage door specalist.

I have make something - today

the last quilt I made (well the top of it anyway...i did manage to pin it all together, to start actually "quilting" it...but that's about as far as I got) produced a pile of itty bitty scraps...They might be usefull for something scrappy for homemade ornaments

  three glad bags up here, and four more ....downstairs that haven't really been unpacked seven years since we moved here....not to mention the bins - there are four of them.  I should open them ...see what's inside - maybe another day...
 I was on the hunt for purples, white/on/white's and ...stuff I've accumulated since probably June.

The poor pitiful tree looks so bare. I should make some ornaments...from scraps, cause I noticed that one of the g'kids stuck a plastic piece of electronic junk under the the left.   I should decorate the poor thing, before it's time to take it down.

Maybe I should just stick some glitter on it and embellish it with something...see if anyone notices it's just junk.

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